Special Children? A Theology of Childhood

Special Children Cover

This is a book for Christian parents who want to know what the Bible has to say about their children.  Are they different from other children?  Are they different from the children of the old covenant?  Read more

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Precious In His Sight: Childhood & Children in the Bible

Precious in His Sight

Though numerous volumes have been written on human observations about children, very few volumes present God’s perspective on them as recorded in the Bible. Precious in His Sight fills this gap admirably.

Not only is this volume unique, it Read more

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One Generation from Extinction

One generation from extinction Cover

When Robert Raikes started his first Sunday School in 1780, he saw his idea grow to reach 300,000 unchurched children within five years – this in a nation widely ignorant of Christian ideas and values. Mark Griffiths has used Read more

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Offering the Gospel to Children

Offering the Gospel to Children Cover

This book calls on parents and Christian educators to allow children to participate fully in the gospel of Jesus.

Parish education programs for children often distort the canon, substituting children’s Bibles for Holy Scripture and simple moralism for imagination. Read more

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Lost Icons: Reflections on Cultural Bereavement

Lost Icons Cover

‘There is a confidence that arises from being utterly convinced that the Christian creed and the Christian vision have in them a life and a richness that can embrace and transfigure all the complexities  of human life.’ ARCHBISHOP Read more

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Like a Child: 70 Thoughts for Busy Grown-ups

Like a Child: 70 Thoughts for Busy Grown-ups Cover

The aim of this book is to raise a smile and inspire your thinking. We decided to write down some of the things our children said and did, not to show them up to be ignorant or misguided, but Read more

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Let the Children Come

Let the Children Come Cover

Raising children is one of the most highly charged moral and religious events of human life. Although we strive to raise healthy children, negative cultural trends like consumerism, media violence, and erosion of community and extended family conspire to Read more

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Jesus and the Children: Biblical Resources for Study and Preaching

Jesus and the Children, Biblical resources for study and preaching Cover

What can we learn from Jesus’ attitude to children for a common life with them and for our adult Christian life in the world? In this book Dr Hans-Ruedi Weber, Director for Biblical Studies at the World Council of Read more

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Face to Face

Face to Face Cover

Frances Young’s eldest son Arthur is severely handicapped. In this extremely honest and at times moving account of just what that means, she discusses the effects on herself and the rest of her family. She faces up to the Read more

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Conversations with Children: Communicating our faith

Conversations with Children: Communicating our faith Cover

A sure eternal perspective on reality is the best way to remain full of inspiration as we impart faith. Let u s begin our investigation into the personhood of children ‘in the beginning ‘. The mystery of creation is Read more

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