Entry Point

Entry Point Cover

ENTRY POINT: A fascinating evening with the book’s two authors 15 MAY 2014  View article Re-Imagining the Seminary: International Conference on Theological Education Leadership 11–14 September 2013 Bucharest, Romania. View report Child Theology in Africa: Exploring current themes and issues 11-15 November 2013, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (This event has taken place) Click here to view the Read more

Toddling to the Kingdom

Toddling to the Kingdom Cover

Toddling to the Kingdom by John Collier, Marcia Bunge, John Wall, Keith White, Haddon Willmer, Bill Prevette and others (English) ISBN: 987-0-9560993-0-3 Two New Books Related to Theology and Children Reviewed by Don Ratcliff, Ph.D. Collier, John (editor). Toddling to the kingdom: Child theology at work in the church. London: Child Theology Movement, 2009. Richards, Anne, Read more