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Lost Icons: Reflections on Cultural Bereavement

‘There is a confidence that arises from being utterly convinced that the Christian creed and the Christian vision have in them a life and a richness that can embrace and transfigure all the complexities  of human life.’

About the Author
The Most Reverend Rowan Williams is to he enthroned as Archbishop of Canterbury at the end of February 2003. He has previously been Archbishop of Wales. He is also the author of Teresa of Avila (OCT Series) published by Continuum.


‘This is a remarkable analysis of the problems confronting modern society. Out of this analysis emerges a plea for the recovery of ways of understanding  what it means to be human and indeed of becoming members  of human society as we have hitherto known it, which is i n danger of being utterly lost to view.’

‘There is nothing remotely sentimental  in these clear-sighted, closely argued pages, in which Archbishop Williams pleads, with wisdom, compassion and cool articulate anger, for the recovery of the habits of self-understanding in grave danger of becoming unavailable: for childhood, friendship and remorse, as aspects of identity fashioned and discovered over time.’


ISBN 0-8264-6799 -7

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