Offering the Gospel to Children Cover

Offering the Gospel to Children

This book calls on parents and Christian educators to allow children to participate fully in the gospel of Jesus.

Parish education programs for children often distort the canon, substituting children’s Bibles for Holy Scripture and simple moralism for imagination. Prichard shows how to offer the essence of the gospel imaginatively to children, with practical ideas on children’s worship, liturgy, drama, pastoral care, and study of the Bible. The final chapter includes an exhaustive annotated bibliography of children’s Bibles, children’s books for the parish library, and resources for parents and teachers.

About the Author
GRETCHEN WOLFF PRITCHARD is the creator of The Sunday Paper, a series of materials for parish education and liturgy, and is a popular speaker and workshop leader in the areas of children’s spirituality, Christian education, and liturgy.


She has given new life to our understandings of worship with children, provided us with new possibilities for the church school, offered a new vision for foundational parish education, and suggested new insights into Christian formation. Very simply this is a book for which many of us in Christian education have been waiting.
–John Westerhoff

Prichard challenges the tendency of adult teachers to stick with easy stories and conventional moralism. Instead she offers ways to treat the hard parts of the Bible forthrightly and helpfully so that the entire gospel may make its impact on children. This book should be read by everyone who is serious about sharing God’s good news with children.
–The Rt. Rev. A Theodore Eastman.

Gretchen Wolff Pritchard . . . has made another important contribution to the well-being of the church.
–More Than Enough

Gretchen Wolff Pritchard . . . writes with wit, sparkling prose, and an obvious love for children and a wealth of experience in celebrating with them. Pritchard challenges everyone who is engaged in religious education or children’s worship.

Have you ever longed for a friend who had lots of experience, strong opinions (whether you agree with them or not), and an unswerving commitment to the Christian formation of children? Reading Gretchen Wolff Pritchard’s book is like adding just that kind of friend to one’s circle of Christian education colleagues.
–Access Curriculum

Pritchard provides an encompassing vision for bringing our children up in the Gospel while refusing to substitute “simple moralism for imagination.”
–Deeper Walk


Publisher : Cowley Publications; Annotated edition (5 Jan. 1992)
Language : English
Paperback : 240 pages
ISBN-10 : 1561010650
ISBN-13 : 978-1561010653
Dimensions : 13.97 x 1.52 x 22.23 cm

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