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Special Children? A Theology of Childhood

This is a book for Christian parents who want to know what the Bible has to say about their children.  Are they different from other children?  Are they different from the children of the old covenant?  Are they sinful? If so, when did this begin? Are they morally responsible and, if so, from what age?  Can they be converted and, if so, how early can this be looked for? How do we go about bringing them to faith?  What happens if they die before that happens or, even worse, before they are capable of being told the Gospel?

What about their upbringing, such things as discipline and punishment?  Do we have to put them through a different form of education from non-Christians?  What place do they have in our local church?  Should we have them dedicated?  May they be baptised while still children? Become members? Attend the Lord’s Supper?  What responsibility do church leaders have to them? Should they have separate meetings?

It is the task of this book to investigate what the Bible has to say on these and other vital matters, in order to help Christian parents who may be struggling with them.

About the Author
Eric Lane was in pastoral ministry for forty years, the first nine of which were spent in the Church of England and the remainder in independent evangelical churches in various parts of the country. He has written several other books, mainly on church issues, such as baptism, membership and the place of women. In retirement in Farnham he continues to preach and write.

ISBN 0-946462-39-9

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