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The Child in the Bible

In this volume nineteen biblical scholars collaborate to provide an informed and focused treatment of biblical perspectives on children and childhood. Looking at the Bible through the “lens” of the child exposes new aspects of biblical texts and themes. Some of the authors focus on selected biblical texts — Genesis, Proverbs, Mark, and more — while others examine such biblical themes as training and disciplining, children and the image of God, the metaphor of Israel as a child, and so on. In discussing a vast array of themes and questions, the chapters also invite readers to reconsider the roles that children can or should play in religious communities today.

About the Editor
Marcia J. Bunge is the Drell and Adeline BernhardsonDistinguished Professor in Religion at Gustavus AdolphusCollege, Saint Peter, Minnesota.


Carolyn Osiek
— Brite Divinity School
“The Bible is not a child-centered book. This informative volume shows what can be found — when one really knows how to look — in texts that do not seem to hold much promise. Children were real members of biblical communities but also symbolic figures. These thoughtful essays begin to reveal both how biblical authors saw children and how what they wrote has shaped the attitudes of others after them.”

Cathy Stonehouse
— Asbury Theological Seminary
“In this excellent volume biblical scholars make visible the many children hidden from most of us in the pages of the Old and New Testaments. As we enter the narrative of these chapters we discover that the children we had barely noticed have major roles to play in the drama of Scripture. The authors take easily misunderstood phrases, explore their context and the meanings of words used, and uncover significant implications for children and adults. In texts where children seem to be virtually absent, the authors discover main themes and theological perspectives to guide our relationships with children. The Child in the Bible provides a wealth of insight for persons seeking to more fully understand children and their place in God’s kingdom.”

James Limburg
— Luther Seminary
“START SEEING CHILDREN! might well be the bumper sticker advertising this book. While there has frequently been ‘no room for the child in the inn of theology, ‘ these essays point out the often unnoticed presence of children in biblical narratives . . . Children are also present in the Bible as metaphors, serving as a lens sharpening the focus of texts into high definition. On occasion essays move out of the biblical world to point out the implications of biblical insights for contemporary issues such as adoption, foster care, or children living in single-parent or nontraditional families. A wide-ranging international bibliography and an introduction to the recent discipline of childhood studies make the book a natural for religion and education courses and also for adult study groups in congregations.”

Michael Welker
— University of Heidelberg
“The Child in the Bible is a highly welcome follow-up to Marcia Bunge’s successful book The Child in Christian Thought. Here leading biblical scholars explore the polyphony of voices in the biblical traditions that refer to the child or children and to childhood. They offer most valuable insights into the blessing children bring with them, into the conditions that make them flourish, and into their relationship with parents and adults with regard to teaching each other and learning from each other. These insights also bear on many central religious, cultural, and ethical issues correlated with children. In addition, the contributions shed new light on various biblical passages that use the terms ‘child’ or ‘children’ metaphorically.”

Publisher : William B Eerdmans Publishing Co (1 Dec. 2008)
Language : English
Paperback : 467 pages
ISBN-10 : 0802848354
ISBN-13 : 978-0802848352
Dimensions : 15.24 x 2.57 x 22.86 cm


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