Like a Child: 70 Thoughts for Busy Grown-ups Cover

Like a Child: 70 Thoughts for Busy Grown-ups

The aim of this book is to raise a smile and inspire your thinking. We decided to write down some of the things our children said and did, not to show them up to be ignorant or misguided, but that we might learn from them. We were (and still are) humbled by the honesty and simplicity of their words and actions. It’s as we have talked about these treasured moments at the end of the day, that we’ve been able to reflect before God. We kept a little notebook to preserve some of those special moments which can bring great joy, yet, if not careful, can then be lost forever. It’s surprising how taking time to observe and listen to children can be a way of opening yourself to the kingdom of God. Frequently, we’ve been moved and challenged by the purity of their faith or the transparency of their thinking. By being receptive to God’s Spirit in all this, we believe that they have taught us so much. Apart from the Lord, of course, none of the people referred to within these pages are perfect far from it! We trust that you will accept that these thoughts arise from a normal family life well, as normal as living in a Methodist manse can be!

It’s our hope that by reading these 70 reflections, you may find yourself drawing close to our Heavenly Father. Each thought was written for broadcast on Premier Christian Radio by Tony as a part of the M&M Show on Saturday mornings, and latterly Miles in the Morning. We are very grateful to listeners who have written, emailed, and phoned to say how much they have appreciated us sharing these reflections. We hope that this book will enable as many as possible to benefit from them. The original scripts included the ages of Hannah and Jonathan at the time in the actual text, but to avoid repetition we’ve printed this information above each reflection. Each thought follows the pattern used for the original broadcast, but we’ve added suggested Bible readings and our own prayers to aid devotion.

As a result of this book, we pray that you’ll find yourself taking more time to listen to the children around you and so catch a glimpse of the kingdom. If you do, please remember that Jesus cherished the presence of children and blessed them. Just as he values us, embraces us in his loving arms, and blesses us too.

Thank you Hannah and Jonathan for everything!

Tony and Frances


“Tony and Frances’ book is approachable, highly readable and great fun. It integrates the Christian message with everyday stories and shows that faith is about normal life. Great reading!”
Rev. Dr Rob Frost, evangelist, author and broadcaster.

“When Jesus said, ‘Let the children come to me,’ he was doing more than creating space to spend some time with a small group of curious kids. He was stating a spiritual principle that we need to be childlike in our approach to him. Like A Child captures the essence of this truth and in a series of short, funny, poignant stories leads us closer to the heart of the gospel. The purity and simplicity expressed in these pages is both charming and captivating.”
Peter Kerridge, Managing Director of Premier Christian Radio.

“A collection of those precious moments, generated by the authors’ two children … I think you will enjoy this book.”
Prophecy Today, May-June 2003

“To encourage us all in the situations we find ourselves … Buy it, have a good read ..”
Headline Magazine, Summer 2003

“Thankfully, Like A Child, goes a bit deeper than those compilations of children’s cute comments … ideal for personal quiet times.”
Familes Together Magazine, Summer, 2003


Publisher : Rooftops Publishing (8 April 2003)
Language : English
Paperback : 192 pages
ISBN-10 : 0954403800
ISBN-13 : 978-0954403805

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